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what is human ?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Human investing half, for child's future

We all want something big for our loved ones
and its also true that our children are toppers in being our loved one. IIT, Docter, Phd, megistrate are our dream posts for them, based on our backgrounds and resources.Now we invest for their these future planned posts. Tuitions, fudamentals, demo examinations, and a large amount of capital are our tries but are they enough? NO! they are not now you will ask why Answer is that you invested for their dream or your dream or whosoever's dream But how many of us deposited some sum for their life.Now you
will say that their good jobs will preserve their life also.Actually you are again wrong as JOB simply gives money to buy necessary resources but geeting resources is based on their availability!! not on the amount of money that your loved one will get.The fact is that world stock of crude oil will last for only 48 years! Condition of india will be worst as India Imports most of its oil from abroad. Not only petrol, CNG, diesel but also many other Very Important resources are at stake at presant and will be called extinct after the some time, actually that time will be the time when your child will be cracking IIT or will be in JOB earning money.Even at presant every day we encounter with the news about new extinctions, new threat to nature n its resources, or decreasing level of ice at poles n increasing floods at coastlines or about dying species.We also get the news of extintion of islands. The news are different but all of them are leading to further such news
n together are leading or have led to DISASTERs.These will be reason of dark ages, great depressinon, world wars etc of 21st centuary for or because of resources which we are wasting at presant. Your child joining classes, appearing in good ranks at class will be lost and believe me he/she will finaly blame you that you didn't invest for her/himself.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Human a lonely species

Actually we as human are lonely species as we ourselves in the name of progress take space from nature and other organisms or kick other inhabitants of earth away from us.

Human may have power but sadly his this quest for power have spared him from nature and other species.
Now we can only see and feel human and its activities around us all the time but mother nature is caged only in some Zoos or is obliged by us through Sanctuaries and fake corrupt conservation. Cars,Computers,factories, and black rivers passing by industries which now work as stinking drains not as source of life .
We can ourselves pollute and then purify rivers, but what about those fellow species who don't have aqua guard or purifying stations and are dying because of rotting water 

Truth is, over time, human has evolved a gene of dictatorship or colonisation over earth's other species and hence infact its condition is now of that coloniser or dictator who have may power but is lonely before real natives of the colony or society i.e other species of earth.

Lets forget about those species but what about us,
After clearing forests along with animals, we will be loleny to convert CO2 to O2, to check pollution, to create food, to and for everything! 
How will we create buildings without minerals?
How will we run vehicles without fuel?
How will we eat without food?

we will be lonely without resource, without species and without mother nature!

 Will we have some other solution in our destructive hands that destroyed nature ?. No we will not have, after such destruction we will just have some O2 cylinder n some limited food stuff. For this limited food so called civilized human will kill others. This time those others will be humans!
So finally after clearing other species human will kill its own species. Only one or two thousand human families will be living, lonely and standing on earth covered with newly dead human blood mixed with that of old dead animals. Soon this dictator human will be as wild as the species that died because of human  and will kill each other for limited necessities.
 We the civilized Human will Die in an  ugly, wild and lonely manner , so advanced greetings for such lonely wild deaths without civilized and religious cremation ...

Monday, December 27, 2010

change human

why we treat other animals and plants and living organisms as inferiors and on what basis inventor of global warming , corruption ,meaningless killings and other such inventions is superior. Rubbish bullfight, BALI my foot and enjoying meals made by killing of other inhabitants of universe by humans is same as enjoying sex while raping. I am not criticising any particular religion, caste or country,
I am aiming only those who thinks that other creatures are for service of humans and for crushing or to fulfill some rubbish practices which every religion bears but god in reality shed tears , tell me will you be happy when someone stole or disrespect or destroy your beloved thing which you achieve with a lot of hard-work. and what would be your reaction if that person says that they destroyed that thing just to make you happy ,your reaction would be aggressive  Same reaction is of god when  you perform the practice of 'BALI' as you kill or destroy the beings that god made after a lot of hard work